Our children are our future: they bring joy and happiness to every family. That is why it is very important that they are able to see beauty and feel safety around them from an early age, which means that the quality of the furniture and accessories around them should be superb. SNM Mööbel looks favourably on parental concerns: our furniture is certified as being environmentally-friendly, and it is non-allergic.


Ebanisteria Bacci is an Italian factory that specialises in making premium kids’ furniture. It has a collection of furniture for kids’ bedrooms, Bonne Nuit, in neo-classic style. All of its furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials and is totally safe for children.



Italy’s Moretti Compact factory produces furniture for kids and teenagers. Its compact kids’ furniture is easily installed in small bedrooms, enabling you to save on usable space.


In the Granzotto Italia ecosystem, when manufacturing our furniture, we use high-quality materials that are fully recyclable. The official proof of this is the Pannello Ecologico Certificate held by our company.






An answer to the call of the sea. In life, on a journey. An answer to the call of the sea. In life, on a journey, in your home.


The furniture of the Pellegatta brothers is made meticulously and with the greatest care, with close attention paid to every detail. This is why it has so many advantages that help it stand out among the furniture offered by other manufacturers. Pellegatta furniture is made from high-quality materials that ensure its durability and longevity.

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