While the living room is the soul of your home, the kitchen is definitely its heart: this is where life is at its most active, and where food is prepared. Kitchen furniture should not only conform to safety requirements and be convenient in terms of cooking, but should also be well lit, while the numerous cupboards and shelves should be easy to reach whenever you need something. Such furniture was made for the functional and aesthetic combination of its tasks.


Arrital makes kitchen furniture in a wide range of colours, configurations and sizes and provides an extensive list of accessories, appliances and decorative elements of the buyer’s choice.


The Arredo3 factory is a manufacturer of cheap Italian kitchen furniture that is highly sought-after. It provides both high quality and a high level of flexibility when designing customised kitchen furniture.


Cadore is a little piece of Italy in your home. If you want to enjoy truly European quality as well as unique and luxurious design, the Cadore factory is an excellent choice.


The luxurious Italian kitchen furniture made by Marchi Cucine will easily become impeccably stylish, supremely comfortable and unprecedentedly long-lasting decorative elements in any good home.



This company was founded in 1972 and is still run as a family business. It is the market leader in premium-class, modern classic furniture. Its international success is based on its ability to offer good quality, innovative design and highly detailed furniture collections that can be manufactured in accordance with individual demands.


Provasi makes premium-class furniture and is one of the most established luxury furniture brands in the world. Only the most expensive timbers and fabrics are used in its manufacturing, while carving and inlays serve as exquisite decorations.


High quality does not come out of nowhere: it is the result of the best combination of solid wood, precise processing operations, well-balanced use of technology and delicate finishing.


Using handicraft in the manufacturing of exclusive, customised furniture is an integral part of our history and philosophy. It is the hands of a gifted craftsman alone that can turn a piece of wood into a masterpiece of furniture-making for interior design.




TEAM7 manufactures furniture using natural timber and with natural finishing only. The company is a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly furniture.

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