Your living room was made for your family and friends to spend time together while having a leisurely conversation or watching your favourite TV programmes. This is where you play host to guests. The soul of your home, which is another name for the living room, should be cosy and comfortable, and its furniture and accessories should live up to the highest standards of quality and comfort.


The IL Loft factory, founded by the Italian designer Giorgio Saporiti in 1994, produces high-quality, state-of-the-art furniture. The furniture of the IL Loft brand can be easily recognised by its well-rounded shape and vibrant palette.




Tonin Casa on üks väheseid Itaalia tehaseid, mis valmistab nii klassikalist kui ka moodsat mööblit. Tänu sellele on mitme stiiliga kujundatud ruume kerge sisustada ühe tootja mööbliga.


Anything that fascinates you for even a second will remain in your memory forever. This applies to Porada furniture, which is made for comfortable and stylish lives.


Philipp Selva is a synonym for style and exquisite elegance, where taste and innovation do not follow trends, but skilfully create them. Love for work, a creative spirit and refinement open the door to invisible luxury.


A manufacturer of luxurious upholstery materials and furniture, both modern and classic. Its collection of furniture and sofas emerged from a mix of skill, high-quality materials, a care for detail, comfort and design.





One of the greatest advantages of the furniture made by Sevensedie is its durability and longevity. Long-term suppliers have been contributing to the development of the brand for many years, which makes Sevensedie a reliable partner.


Using handicraft in the manufacturing of exclusive, customised furniture is an integral part of our history and philosophy. It is the hands of a gifted craftsman alone that can turn a piece of wood into a masterpiece of furniture-making for interior design.


Calligaris tables, chairs, sofas, beds, carpets and accessories are sold in more than 12,000 outlets in 90 countries all over the world. The company manufactures 160,000 units per month for kitchens, living rooms, studies and bedrooms.




he Home collection of Oasis offers a range of superb furniture for the home and customised furniture made in Deco style. The items in the collection are handmade in Italy with true skill and expertise.


The Biba Salotti factory produces modern Italian soft furnishings: sofas, armchairs, beds, pouffes and chairs. The entire range is made exclusively from natural and innovative materials and conforms to all safety requirements, while preserving visual appeal and presentability.


Giorgio Casa is a certified brand that conforms to the requirements of IT01-100%. Made in Italy.






The furniture made by San Giacomo stands out for its affordable prices. In the case of the San Giacomo factory, it does not have to sacrifice the quality of the materials it uses or the aesthetic appeal of the furniture.


Mercantini Mobili is one of the most famous Italian companies producing sliding-door and walk-in wardrobes, partition walls and bedroom furniture.


Cubo Rosso is a factory that specialises in producing interior design items of the Standard class and has made a name for itself in terms of its high quality and affordable prices. It manufactures original soft furnishings in classic and modern styles. Quite often leather is used as an upholstery material.


Turri furniture factory, founded by the Italian Pietro Turri in 1925, is recognised as a leading global manufacturer of premium-class furniture.


Our task is to design the new history of furniture with style and elegance, and innovative ideas that pay due attention to the lifestyle of a home or office: stories with passion and excitement.


Provasi makes premium-class furniture and is one of the most established luxury furniture brands in the world. Only the most expensive timbers and fabrics are used in its manufacturing, while carving and inlays serve as exquisite decorations.



Carpanelli is family business which originated from the art of woodworking and the craft of premium cabinetmakers. With years of handicraft tradition, this company is a designer workshop that was established in 1919 by the famous and much appreciated cabinetmaker Giuseppe Carpanelli.




The story of the Italian company Domingo Salotti began in 1973 when several gifted craftsmen opened a small soft furnishings workshop. Their exquisite, high-quality work translated into elegant furniture and rapidly gained in popularity. Several years later the company evolved into a full factory.



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