Serious people buy serious furniture. SNM Mööbel respects the right of smart, strong, independent people to their own space at home or at the office. We also offer a selection of unusual accessories, carpets and lighting fixtures.


Spain’s Alpuch will be of help to admirers of bourgeois functionality: the shapes of the Biedermeier era dressed in luxurious solid wood will be a welcome surprise to your budget.


The philosophy of Smania is to be the most modern among classics and the most classic among the modern.


Tecnoarredo’s furniture is the office furniture of the future. It is one of the most famous Italian manufacturers of premium office furniture. The concept of Tecnoarredo is a combination of light, space and ergonomics.


Original, functional and comfortable solutions for workspaces provided by DVO.




Philipp Selva is a synonym for style and exquisite elegance, where taste and innovation do not follow trends, but skilfully create them. Love for work, a creative spirit and refinement open the door to invisible luxury.


This company was founded in 1972 and is still run as a family business. It is the market leader in premium-class, modern classic furniture. Its international success is based on its ability to offer good quality, innovative design and highly detailed furniture collections that can be manufactured in accordance with individual demands.



Provasi makes premium-class furniture and is one of the most established luxury furniture brands in the world. Only the most expensive timbers and fabrics are used in its manufacturing, while carving and inlays serve as exquisite decorations.


The Italian company Mascheroni, which was founded by brothers of the same name in 1970, set out to make premium-class furniture right from the start. It has been delighting the eyes and hearts of true admirers of the art of furniture-making for over 40 years.




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